Who we are

We are a small charity that own accessible self catering caravans which we rent out at affordable prices, for families and people with disabilities and their carers. Our aim is to provide accessible caravans for people with a disability or illness and low or single-income families. In fact we cater for any family whose quality of life is affected by disability, infirmity or misfortune. All of our caravans have wheelchair access.

We were founded in 1969, by a group of former Scouts who believed that everyone is entitled to the same quality of life, and deserve the freedom to have fun and relaxation.

The Holiday Homes Trust provides the opportunity for every single member of the family or group to enjoy freedom and life away from the home environment.

Our Patron

Our Patron, Robert Hall

Robert Hall, the BBC News Reporter, is our patron

Our background

In the late 1960s, Charles Porter, a former Rover Scout, set about improving his front garden. He installed a wishing well and soon found that people passing by were throwing coins into it.  He decided to donate the money to charity and raised £400 in his first year.

Charles had two great-nieces with special needs.  When he saw how difficult it was for them to find a holiday location he purchased a caravan and decided this caravan should be used by any families with special needs.  From this small start, the Scout Holiday Homes Trust quickly grew.

We now have ten caravans at ten holiday parks around the UK and over six thousand families have enjoyed holidays with us.